About Us

Founded on quality, dependability, and integrity

The main focus of Locked Water Fowl Gear LLC DBA Locked Outdoors is to bring quality products to other hunters who share the love of the sport. The person who has a love for the outdoors. It’s for the hunter or sportsman that has a desire for top quality gear whether it's available or not readily available to the average consumer. We are constantly on the search for the makers of gear that have gone that extra mile to manufacture something that is durable, functional, and looks good. This could be a handmade quality duck call that can become a family heirloom to be handed down through generations.  Our product line may change as we find different and better offerings. We are also constantly on the lookout for any gear associated with the outdoor activities that fellow enthusiasts love and appreciate.

Our Team is our first line of Quality control and won’t let anything pass through that doesn’t meet their standards.

 We are constantly keeping our hand on the pulse of the hunting / fishing / camping / Prepper community. Listening to what is good, bad or not being addressed. We are also committed to working closely with organizations that promote the sport of water fowl hunting and help preserve it for future generations.

Our promise to our customers

We have a No Compromise policy when it comes to quality. If we offer something, we believe in it. Since we are hunters ourselves who frequent the outdoors we use everything we sell. If it is not good enough for our family it’s not good enough for our customers. We truly believe that once you become our customer you are family.