One of my trusted advisors, Mat has always been my go to person to help coordinate and prepare for the future of this company. Holding an engineering degree from Cal Poly he has the ability to forsee the results of his Dads crazy ideas and dreams. I brought him up with the love of the outdoors and all it can offer and am proud to call him my son and partner. 

Bio: I'm Tyler Walker from northern Michigan. Waterfowl hunting has become a way of life and I look forward to the season each year. In my spare time off season I like to hunt pheasant, turkey, and white tail deer and some occasional black bear hunting when a friend pulls a tag. I'm a diesel mechanic and when I come home from work I spend my time making turkey box calls. This is something that was passed down to me from my grandfather. Spending time in the woods and water is a big part of my life and wouldn't have it any other way.

I am proud to be part of the Locked Team Locked Waterfowl Gear and Locked Outdoors.

Stephen Mathew (Mat) Staudinger

- Chief logistics Officer

My name is Alex Tschosik from Ellendale, North Dakota. I enjoy hunting mallards and honkers in dry field and water. I recently began my own youtube series called Fowl Assault TV and I enjoy hunting in Locked Waterfowl Gear.​


Brandon Hess


I'm From Northeast Arkansas and hunt waterfowl close to sixty days a year. There is nothing better than hunting in the flooded timber of Arkansas. I am also an avid upland bird hunter.

I am also a professional baseball player and just finished my fifth season. I was originally signed by the Kansas City Royals.

I was born and raised in northern Minnesota. I grew up chasing geese and Ducks in the beaver ponds all the way to the wheat and bean fields. I am a part time guide for Maxxed out guides in southern Minnesota. Chasing honkers and big green heads on the corn fields! The past few years for me have been unreal and I have been fortunate enough to join up with a few great companies molt gear calls, tanglefree decoys, and redline waterfowl. My favorite hunt is early season honkers in the wheat fields.​

(218) 398-4176

Growing up in Arkansas I hunted ducks for many years until I joined the military.  I wasn’t always lucky enough to be stationed in duck rich environments so I satisfied my hunting craving with other species such as deer, elk, turkey, coyotes, etc.  I spend about 70-80 days in the field actually hunting, but many more scouting.  I currently hunt or have hunted in every state from Arizona to Virginia and I’m always looking for the next adventure. 

Now that I have recently retired from the Air Force I have been able to focus on my return to duck hunting.  I have 4 awesome daughters that are finally old enough to tag along and I hope it’s the start of many lasting memories in the field together.  Spending time with family and friends hunting the small ponds and rivers in Arizona or the timber and field pits in Arkansas is my therapeutic relief. 


David Norton



Having grown up in the Ag industry I have lived a life inextricably linked to the outdoors. Spending my early years Chasing Waterfowl, Salmon, Steelhead, and the abundant big game in Oregon's Mid Willamette valley I have been hooked deep since my first youth hunt on the mighty Columbia river. I relocated to the desert southwest 10 years ago and my biggest fear was that moving to the desert would entail saying adios to my greatest passion of duck hunting. Little did I know that the relocation would offer me some of my best days afield to come. Ever since, I have been enjoying the mixed bag offered here like nowhere else, as well as a new affinity for chasing trophy largemouth and the many unique species offered only in Arizona. My greatest passion to this day has been the overwhelming sense of pride and joy I have received from introducing my beautiful wife and amazing children to the blood sports.  I look forward to many great days in the blind in my future and am very proud and honored to be representing the top of the line gear offered by Locked Waterfowl. Wishing you safe and successful hunting we'll see you out there.​
I recently entered and won first place in an Arizona stated sanctioned calling contest representing Precision Duck and Goose calls

Tyler Walker

I hunt three to five days out of every week for waterfowl, deer, and turkeys when in season. I grew up with a love of waterfowl hunting specifically. I prefer diver hunting for canvasbacks and redheads over anything but spend a great deal of time each year hunting in different flyways.


Scott Kovacevich has been hunting now for 33 years. He started bird hunting at age of 10 and then got into big game hunting , his focus is on upland and waterfowl. 

For the past 11 years I have ran dogs for a club called AceHigh Adventures as a dog handler and hunter. AceHigh is a private preserve located in the central valley of California sitting on 6,000 acres. I am really big on taking juniors out and getting them into the hunting tradition and the outdoors. I also am a huge advocate for Wounded Warriors and love taking our veterans and wounded warriors into the field to get them engaged in our outdoor traditions.. I am a Professional Guest Speaker and Field Dog Demonstrator for the Central Valley Sportsmen Shows. I Pro-Staff for AceHigh Adventures, Pro-Pac Pet foods, Sportsmix Wholesomes Dog Food, Migration Outdoors TV, Gear Keeper Products, Authorized Dealer for E Collar Technologies,  Mathews Taxidermy, Wild Whiskers Leather, Locked Waterfowl Gear, Ghost Blinds, Final Notice Wind Decoys, Motion Ducks, Organizations I volunteer for California Waterfowl Association Chapters I that I am in charge of Kerman ,Mendota and Madera Chapters. I support others like Ducks Unlimted , NRA, Wild Turkey Federation, Quails Unlimited and also looking to start up a dinner for our wounded warriors and vets. Back in 2000 wife and I started 4K Labradors and GSP'S kennel then in 2001 we had our daughter who now has her own hunting dog when she goes out bird hunting. I have ran tournament hunting with organizations like NBDCA which is now called BDC and NAGDA in which my dogs have held many state titles and have been ranked very high on the national level, Retired in 2004 and got more into running  AKC Hunt Tests and NAHRA Which we have held a lot of titles in both organizations. I am very honored to be Team Leader for Locked Waterfowl Gear!!!!! See you in the fields or in the marsh may your lead or steel always fly straight!!!!!



Tyler Smith


Matt Bratton

Don Tirpak



Born and raised in Oklahoma, I grew up hunting and fishing my whole life, although I never hunted waterfowl as a youngster. I started duck hunting around 2002 and have been completely addicted since. I have an outdoors addiction, whether hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking leisurely or leading a field trip looking for reptiles and amphibians. I am a high school science teacher by career, and herpetologist by passion and obsession. When Autumn comes around and the cooler weather comes in, my attention gets turned completely to hunting every legal season until waterfowl seasons end in Mid-February. Before long as Spring approaches, amphibians start to stir and other seasons (fishing and nongame) consume the majority of my time. I lead field trips looking for reptiles and amphibians for academic and professional organizations throughout the Spring through Autumn.           

Kenny Barker